“Egipto con Futuro” (Egipto with Future) is a nonprofit organization created in 2007 with the aim to comprehensively promote a life project of 200 children (of stratum – 0.1 and 2 from early childhood till the termination of secondary education) in a vulnerable area of Bogota covering the neighborhoods of Egipto, Laches, Guavio and the surroundings.

This project was initiated by the community leader Ms. Bertilda Diaz and her family. It was decided to start the project in this particular area due to the fact that Ms. Diaz was born here and therefore, was aware of all the challenges that children and young people face on their way to success (gangs, drug abuse, school dropout, difficulties related with accessing higher education, malnutrition, abandonment, domestic abuse and violence against children).

The abovementioned challenges served as motivation for Ms. Diaz to form FECF with an objective to sustain food needs, recreation, use of leisure time and educational support in order to provide a decent childhood with greater chances for a better future for all of its beneficiary children.

For carrying out the project Ms. Diaz has been counting on the support from kindhearted people, churches, young volunteers, foreign philanthropists, contributions from corporate foundations and companies that have helped FECF to operate throughout the whole period. However, there have been quite hard times due to not having a sustainable management model. Creating such a model is one of our priorities and aim of hard work as long as it would give our work a potential of growth and development in future.

Despite the difficulties related with the social work, we have witnessed great progress in the development of FECF member children. The work done is far more than just providing a meal.
The children are receiving food for the soul, which is reflected in their newly obtained values ​and their willingness to learn and change the paradigms of social status. We are educating the children in order to empower them and help overcome the poverty traps which are on every step in the communities where they live.

In order to contribute to the improvement of the quality of children’s life our work focuses on four key areas:

1. Healthy lifestyle: nutrition and balanced diet: 5 days a week children receive lunch and in return have to provide a symbolic value of 200 pesos per plate with the intention of showing some responsibility on the part of families.
2. Recreation and use of leisure time: we offer Saturday workshops, skills development and classes of music, singing, chess and sports.
3. Education: tutoring activities in English, math and computer science performed by students from different universities as part of volunteering, as well as support in school equipment.
4. Family and Coexistence: We urge conversations and workshops with parents and provide education about values.

What is our goal: In 2014 we want to be a sustainable foundation with proper management that facilitates to social development and ensures growth of the impact of its actions and brings even more benefits to the community.

To accomplish this purpose the following are essential:
- Implementation of sustainable projects for education and leisure time in order to encourage the creation of human and social capital.
- Professionals permanently linked to the project fulfillment (as long as now the Foundation has no employees and only relies on a group of volunteers who support its operation).
- Implementation of a sustainable management model which will allow the growth of social development projects be feasible in the long-term.